AmeriCorps Works Spotlight: Darryl Yip

Every day, Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC) Northwest AmeriCorps members serve in 138 placements across five states. They give a year of their lives to improve education, expand economic opportunity, build healthy futures, and improve environmental stewardship. From first-grade teachers to health clinic coordinators, and from refugee advocates to environmental outreach specialists, these are the people who make JVC Northwest a strong, impactful member of the AmeriCorps community. Each JV AmeriCorps member improves their placement organization through their service, and their commitment to reach out to those living on the margins of society is why AmeriCorps Works.

This week, we’ll honor and celebrate our JV AmeriCorps members by posting blogs, videos, and photos to demonstrate the way they live and serve. Come back every day this week to see what we have to share.

Today, we focus on JV AmeriCorps member Darryl Yip, a School Assistant for the Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) School Program at James John Elementary in Portland, Oregon. The SUN School program leads to educational success and family self-sufficiency through a network of social services for youth, families, and community members. Darryl’s school offers a comprehensive set of services that are educational, recreational, and social in nature. The program is a free, after-school option in low-income and under-represented communities.

Throughout his term of service, Darryl has worked with students in 3 eight-week sessions, covering topics like bike safety, cooking, multicultural art, golf, chess, science, theater, film, soccer, and music. In February, the class focused on environmental education and conservation, blending indoor and outdoor hands-on activities to learn about the natural environment.  Darryl’s impact at his school runs deep: he’s been able to teach a broad range of subjects in a small amount of time, giving SUN students an opportunity to explore different topics in a comprehensive approach. “My position fills a void that the SUN school didn’t have before,” Darryl said. “I spend a full day with the children. It’s so inspiring to see how excited they get me when they see me now.”

Darryl plays Rock, Paper, Scissors with one of his SUN School students. In the lesson, designed to teach students about the different levels of the food chain, the winner became an Animal and earned the ability to eat Plants for energy. Plants had to gather their energy from the sun.

Eddie, Marissa, and Samara show off their leftover lunch, which would eventually grow mold and serve as a lab on fungus growth for the SUN students.

Jacob inspects his food on day one of their mold-growing experiment. The class charted the growth of mold over a long period for their unit on the classification of life.

Darryl reads aloud to his students about the different ways to differentiate plants, animals, fungus, and bacteria.

The students of the SUN program crowd around Darryl as he points out some of the things to look for while starting their experiment.

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